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I’m just gonna stop trying so hard at anything outside of school…
Everything I do or did want just ends up stonewalling me…
I’m not gonna let that happen to me anymore.
I refuse to desire anyone or anything.
If someone wants me congrats, we’ll see how I feel.
I want a job, I’ll apply to a bunch of places and see who wants me.
Not gonna set my heart out on anything to get it stomped on and thrown back in my face….
Can’t take it anymore.

I hate it when I text someone and I Know I’m either not getting a reply anytime soon or just not getting one at all. It’s torture.
I recently got to know someone more and and just the sight of her or just texting her gets me excited.
That’s the feeling I want.

I honestly hate feeling…
Like why must I put myself through anguish to be happy with someone else?
Naw fuck that.
If I can’t be happy just by being around you than I’m not putting in.

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